Christmas Camp!

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Christmas Camp!


This is a great opportunity for kids to stay away from the xbox and off the couch and keep up their skills and conditioning while being in the sunshine and on the beach volleyball court. 

Age: 8-16. Players will be split up according to skill level
Cost: $130/ per player per camp. $230 for both camps.  

Coaches: Kevin Jones, Brice Paxson, Joey Eggers

1st CAMP
2 days with 3 hour practices and scrimmage on day 3
December 20, 21,22
10AM -1PM
December 22, 10AM-2PM
Scrimmage against each other and Sand Soul. (SS has agreed to a scrimmage)

2nd CAMP
3 days with 3 hour practices
December 27,28,29
10AM -1PM each day

Camps will include specialized drills that will focus on: 

-fundamentals skills like passing, setting (bump and overhead), serving, hitting digging.  

-offensive and defensive strategy including

-blocking calls and techniques

-Hitting placement (cuttys, jumbo's, line,angles)



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