Winter Season is for our toughest athletes! Because of daylight savings and the generally cooler weather, it calls for mental and physical toughness. Winter season will last three months (January-March) We will have up to 3 practices a week and players and parents can pick how often they can train with us. Parents can pick a pricing plan that best fits their commitment level. Gold - 3 practices a week, Silver - 2 practices a week, Bronze - 1 practice a week. We will compete in AVP First tournaments both in Huntington and Carlsbad. All BE athletes will receive club gear including Hoodie or uniform top, visor and backpack. Players that attend tryouts get first pick for partners within the club.

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PRACtice Schedule

All practices are at Magnolia Street at Huntington State Beach. First practice is January 8. Players will be split up onto different courts (advanced, intermediate, beginner)

Boys and Girls (all ages and levels)
Tuesdays and Tuesdays* 3:30pm (or as soon as can arrive) - 5:15pm
Saturdays 9:30am-12pm

January -February 1: 3:30pm-5:15pm
February-March 12: 3:45pm-5:45pm  
March 13th and on: 4pm-6:30pm



Rates are seasonal. CLICK HERE for more information. You can get password by emailing us beachelitevball@gmail.com. Cost includes everything including coaches fees, gear (shirt, visor, hoodie) and insurance. Returning BE players that pay upfront receive an additional 10% off!

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We encourage players to bring their own partner to tryouts. If not, at tryouts and first couple weeks of practice we will pair up players to train and compete together through the whole season. In the rare case that one partner can’t make a tournament the other partner will be paired up with another player at their age and skill level.


Our beach practices are led by:
-Coach Andrew Wheeler (BYU) -
Advanced / Upper Intermediate

-Coach Megan Armstrong (Hope International)
Beginner/lower intermediate

Assistant Coach Johnny Nguyen

Coach Rick Reeve, Beach Elite Founder

Coach Rick Reeve, Beach Elite Founder

tryout dates

The purpose of tryouts to 1) allow new players to get a feel for the club and meet potential partners and 2) decide who trains on what court (advanced, intermediate, etc). Tryouts are $30. Pay venmo at @beachelite. To schedule a make up tryout contact us at beachelitevball@gmail.com.

TRYOUTS - BOYS AND GIRLS (all ages and levels)



We will be participating in a tournament series created by Tamarack, VolleyOC and Beach Elite Volleyball Clubs. All points are awarded by AVP America. Top point earners play in the National Championships in Hermosa Beach in the Spring. Top earners within our series get to play in the Most Important Tournament that will have college recruiters and the best teams on the west coast! In our tournament series we will be competing against beach clubs from San Diego to LA including Tamarack Beach Club, LA Beach, Kauai Beach, etc. Our 10’s division price is $20/player (no points). All others the tournament Fee is about $30/player. Tournament fees are included in Gold and Silver Membership packages for BE players.



  • January 26th, Saturday
    Juniors (10-18s)
    Huntington Beach - Magnolia Street
    results - 1/26

  • February 9th, Saturday
    Juniors (10-18s)
    Huntington Beach - Magnolia Street

  • February 23rd, Saturday
    Juniors (10-18s)
    Huntington Beach - Magnolia Street

  • March 9th, Saturday
    Juniors (10-18s)
    Huntington Beach - Magnolia Street

  • April 13th, Saturday
    Juniors (10-18s)
    Huntington Beach - Magnolia Street

  • May 4th, Saturday
    Juniors (10-18s)
    Huntington Beach - Magnolia Street

  • May 18th, Saturday
    Juniors boys (10-18s)
    Huntington Beach - Magnolia Street

  • June 8th, Saturday
    Juniors (10-18s)
    Huntington Beach - Magnolia Street