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Girls 14U 2018 Team

Girls 14U 2018 Team

"From the coaching to the players, Beach Elite is a excellent program that promotes positivity and rewards hard work!”   -Casey Patterson, AVP PRO

"Our son played beach volleyball with Beach Elite this past year.  He also plays indoor volleyball for CDM and Balboa Bay Volleyball Club. Before playing for Beach Elite he played on a lower level indoor team. Now he is a solid and fundamentally strong player and is a starter for his teams. Playing with Rick on the beach helped him develop an overall game which has made him a much better all around player. We highly recommend the Beach Elite program for anyone wanting to develop the total game.  Coach Rick makes it fun and competitive at the same time, and provides excellent instruction."  

                            -John and Cari Zylstra, Newport Beach

“Beach Elite has been a perfect addition to our son's volleyball training.  His overall improvement in both indoor and sand volleyball is very evident!  Tremendous coaching, drills and loads of fun!  We look forward to more with Coach Rick and the Team!  Thank you, Beach Elite!"                                                                                                                                   
                                             -Krissy Higgs, Newport Beach

“Headed for volleyball burnout at mach5 when we discovered Rick at Beach Elite...... Literally a breath of fresh air!! The sun, sand, and positive but hard driven training have revitalized every aspect of the game for us. My daughter is getting the best work outs, dramatically improving her skills and having the most fun ever in 7 years of playing volleyball."                                                                                                                                         
                                                                            -Carley Pinkney, Palm Springs

mia gavigan at beach elite volleyball club

Beach Elite has been a blessing for our 3 kids. Each of them has come to this club for different reasons, at different levels, in need of 3 different coaching styles. Coach RIck and his staff has been so wonderful to us. They way they get to know our kids so they feel valued and supported is obvious after every practice. 
The distance we drive to get there is well worth it (Yorba Linda to Huntington Beach)...of course, their strength, versatility and stamina is showing as they all go back to their indoor clubs, their indoor teams are benefitting from Beach Elite training, for sure. More importantly, they joy of the game that is present at every Beach Elite event is infectious! This is not just a club...for us it is a family.

                                                                                                                   -Stacie Shepard, Yorba Linda CA

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“My son, Sam, has thrived from Rick's positive coaching! Beach is his favorite volleyball, but Sam also plays club at BBVC. The beach is such great training for indoor!!! As a parent, I appreciate Rick's constant communication. He even reached out to BBVC to make sure beach practices didn't conflict with indoor practices! Rick is a very positive and enthusiastic coach. He posts pictures of all the kids, plays fun games, and is very encouraging!!!! His 2 1/2 hour volleyball workouts are Sam's favorite! He is learning agility, quickness, ball control, and many more volleyball skills! Thank you Rick!”                           

-Geni Walton, Newport Beach

"We would like Rick to know how much we appreciate having these volleyball camps through fall and winter. Owen has learned skill and technique and Rick’s clinics have nurtured a love of beach volleyball in Owen.  He looks forward to every practice he is able to attend. As far as helping his game, he had no game prior to attending Rick’s clinics. Now he feels he can try out for a High School Volleyball team with the skills the clinics have taught him.  As Parents, we appreciate that each Saturday clinic is on a drop in basis, no stress, and no long term commitment. Nonetheless, it is his Saturday priority. We hope to continue with Beach Elite throughout the rest of the year as long as Beach Elite keeps having these sessions. Thank you!                                                                                                                                                                                   - Christina and Brad Borsari, Fullerton CA


"My son Jack joined in on Beach Elite with a referral from a friend.  It was one of the best suggestions for him.  Beach Elite provides a positive, educational, conditioning work out, at a great price.  I like the encouraging feedback on Instagram and the coed environment for the children to excel and gain respect for the sport and others.  My son plays other sports, but it is nice when he is off because he has Beach Elite to look forward to.  I think it's Great!"                                                                                                                                                                                                   -Amy Starnes, Newport Beach CA

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