Weekly Monday-Friday. Practices/Camps are 9:30am-12pm, 1pm-3:30pm and small or private classes are Tuesdays/Thursdays 4pm-6:30pm and Saturdays 9:30am-12pm

Magnolia Street and Pacific Coast Highway at Huntington State Beach

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Morning (9:30am-12pm) Afternoon (1pm-3:30pm) Lunch is 12pm-1pm. We suggest kids bring their own lunch or bring money to purchase lunch at nearby snack shack. Beach Elite will provide extra water. *If schedule allows, we suggest the morning session because generally the weather is better and the sand is cooler.
Shirts are in Adult sizes
What level of a player do you consider your child to be? (Players will be divided up according to skill level) Club players will train with club players, etc.
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If you already have an existing AAU membership please include it below. Beach Elite is insured by AAU. All BE players must be registered under AAU in order to participate in practice. Our staff will register our players under AAU if they haven't' done so already. Memberships go from August 31 to the next year August 31. If not an AAU member Cost is $17/year
Please include any special notes such as health concerns, preexisting medical conditions, etc.
CLICK YES AT BOTTOM OF PAGE Waiver and Release Form Beach Elite Volleyball Club WAIVER & RELEASE OF LIABILITY In consideration of participation with Beach Elite Volleyball Club, known hereafter as“Program”, I (We), the undersigned, recognize, agree and acknowledge as follows: (1) Participation in the Program is voluntary; (2) To the attached Code of Conduct, (3) The participant is in good health, physically able to participate in the program without restrictions and has no medical condition that would or may cause participation to be potentially hazardous to his or her health, (4) Failure to disclose a medical condition could terminate participation; (5) There is a real possibility that participant could be seriously injured while participating in the Program; (6) Participant assumes all risks associated with participation in the Program. Participant acknowledges the inherent and potential dangers of participating and expressly waives and voluntarily assumes all risk of personal injury or death which may be sustained while participating. I (WE) RECOGNIZE THAT REGISTRATION IN THE PROGRAM IS DANGEROUS AND CONTAINS RISK OF PERSONAL INJURY DEATH, DISABILITY, PROPERTY DAMAGE OR LOSS (“DAMAGES”). I ASSUME ANY AND ALL RISKS associated with my or my child’s participation in the Program, including, but not limited to, strenuous physical activity or exertion; striking or being struck, by objects or persons; slipping; and exposure to heat, cold or humidity. Such risk may result in injuries that include, but are not limited to: sprain, strain or tear of muscles or ligaments; fracture or dislocation of joints or bones; head or facial injuries; spinal cord or internal injuries. I know that the risks, hazards and dangers include, but are not limited to, falling, slipping, colliding with other users, staff or spectators. I understand that these risks, hazards and dangers are further increased when other persons, whether or not of the same level of experience, are present at the same time and/or using the same facilities. ALL SUCH RISKS ARE KNOWN AND APPRECIATED By ME. I hereby, for myself, my child, heirs, or anyone who might claim on my or my child’s behalf, agree not to bring any claim, and waive, release and forever discharge Beach Elite Volleyball Club, and all of their officers, agents, and employees from any and all duty to me, my child and/or liability for damages arising out of or in the course of my child’s participation in the Program, including all liability for any active or passive negligence by Beach Elite Volleyball Club and/or their officers, agents and employees. This release and waiver extends to all claims of every kind or nature whatsoever, foreseen or unforeseen, known or unknown. I waive and voluntarily assume all risk of personal injury which may be sustained while participating. The laws of the State of California shall govern this agreement. The undersigned, hereby acknowledged to be lawful parent(s) and/or guardian(s) of the participant, acknowledge(s) my/ our qualifications to sign the Release on behalf of the participant. PHOTO RELEASE I understand that from time to time Program representatives may photograph activities of the club programs and participants. By signing this form, I authorize Beach Elite Volleyball Club to use or publish any photographs taken by the Program showing my participation or my child/children’s to promote the club on the Program’s web site, and/or flyers and other marketing materials.

You're all set to attend! Make checks payable to Beach Elite or pay with CC at first day.

Make sure to bring a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen and plenty of water. If you have any questions please call or text Rick at 714-290-3730 or