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Year round beach club volleyball is coming to Utah...


Beach Elite - Salt lake city, utah


Staring in September of 2018, we are expanding our powerhouse California beach club into Salt Lake City, Utah! The time is right to bring our proven system to Utah to get it on the national map as one of the best cities for colleges to recruit beach volleyball players. B.E. is well connected in the college and professional beach scene and will get our athletes national exposure to the best colleges!

Our youth athletes (ages 8-18) get trained by our professional full time beach coaches and compete in tournaments across the state. Most of these athletes have left indoor club volleyball and discovered a new world of volleyball that doesn't involve rotations, play time and the other issues that can come from indoor club. Beach volleyball develops skills, stamina and strength a lot faster than indoor. Also, more and more colleges and universities are adding beach volleyball teams and giving out scholarships to play beach. Just to name a few here are some of the schools that are players are attending on full ride scholarships: UCLA, Vanguard, South Carolina Univ, and Concordia

Not only are we the first year round beach volleyball club to come to Utah. We are the ELITE beach club of Utah. Everything from our professionally trained coaches, program and our attention to detail, has made us a well respected club of Southern California and we are bringing that to Salt Lake City. This is a game changer for Utah as we are first year round club for the Beehive state!  . 



 Coach Rick & the BE-SLC Crew, Dec 2018

Coach Rick & the BE-SLC Crew, Dec 2018

Casey Patterson (2016 Rio Olympian) with Beach Elite players in Newport Beach, CA

 The SandBar, Salt Lake City Utah

The SandBar, Salt Lake City Utah

 Flier - Salt Lake City

Flier - Salt Lake City


Beach Elite started on the beaches of Huntington Beach, California. Since inception in 2014, we have quickly expanded and now have beach and/or indoor programs in the following Southern California locations:
-Huntington Beach at Magnolia Street
-Balboa Peninsula in Newport Beach
-Corona Del Mar Beach in Newport Beach
-Newport Coast in Newport Beach
-Fountain Valley at various schools
-Costa Mesa at various schools

See the story of how Beach Elite started HERE

TOURNAMENTS: Beach Elite will compete in high level tournaments throughout the country during our Travel Season. We will compete in two tournaments a month.

All Pre Season club members will receive:

  • 1 Backpack

  • 1 Practice Tank Top

  • 2 Practice Shirts

  • 1 Hoodie

All Club Members who make the Traveling team will receive:

  • 1 Backpack

  • 1 Tank Top

  • 2 Practice Shirts

  • 2 Uniform Tanks

  • 2 spandex shorts

  • 1 sweatpant

  • 1 legging

  • 1 visor

  • 1 hoodie