Winter 2017 Beach Club Information

Winter Season will last three months (January 10-March 26). We will have 4 practices a week and players and parents can pick how often they can train with us. Parents can pick a pricing plan that best fits their commitment level. We will compete in 6-14 tournaments. Players that attend tryouts get first pick for partners within the club.

The purpose of tryouts to 1) Allow new players to get a feel for the club and meet potential partners and 2) Decide who trains on what court (Advanced, Intermediate, etc).
There will be 3 tryout dates: Girls (18U-12U) Boys (18U-12U) Goed (10U)

January 10: 4pm-5pm
January 12: 4pm-5pm
January 14: 1pm-3:30pm

Commitment Deadline is January 17th

PRACTICE SCHEDULE (Dates subject to change)
(35 practices)
Saturdays: 9:30am-12pm
Sundays: 1pm-3:30pm

  • January (13 practices) 10,12,14,15,17,19,21,22,24,26,28,29,31
    Tuesdays and Thursdays: 3:30pm-5pm

  • February:(12 Practices) 2,4*,5,7,9,12,14,16,18,19,26,28
    Tuesdays and Thursdays 4pm-5:30pm

  • March:(13 practices) 2,4,5,7,9,12,14,16,18,19,21,23,25
    Tuesdays and Thursdays 4pm-5:30pm except for March 14,16,21,23 4pm-6:30pm

  • We’ve added 3 extra practices (total of 38) in case of cancellations due to weather.

  • Location: PCH and Magnolia Street at Huntington State Beach

  • *optional tournament day (Volleyoc or Endless Summer)

We encourage players to bring their own partner to tryouts. If not, at tryouts and first couple weeks of practice we will pair up players to train and compete together through the whole season. In the rare case that one partner can’t make a tournament the other partner will be paired up with another player at their age and skill level.

Each age group has the opportunity to come to 2 tryouts (tryouts and a makeup tryout). We highly encourage athletes to attend both sessions so that coaches are able to evaluate each athlete more accurately. Some athletes may be specifically asked by a coach to return for the second session for further evaluation. Tryouts are $30                                                                                          

Beach Elite will cover the cost for Beach Elite sponsored tournament registration! Here are all the Winter tournaments.

Beach Elite Tournaments (4 total tournaments)

  • January 21 (Saturday)

  • February 11 (Saturday)

  • March 11 (Saturday)

  • March 25 (Saturday- 4 man coed tournament)



We have 38 scheduled practices for our Winter Season. Your tryout fee(S) will go towards your membership costs.


BRONZE - 15 sessions/$600 ($40 per)
1 practice per week
3 monthly payments of $200
Includes Free T Shirt

SILVER - 20 sessions/$650 ($32 per)
3 monthly payments of $235
Includes Free T Shirt

GOLD - 30 sessions $750 ($25 per)
2 practices per week
3 monthly payments of $250
Includes free T shirt, Hat/visor and registration into Beach Elite Tournaments

PLATINUM - unlimited $900
Up to 4 practices a week. $20 per practice
3 monthly payments of $315

Includes Beach Elite tournament registration and gear (backpack, hat/visor, long sleeve, T shirt, hoodie, and Bikini (girls) or Boardshorts (boys) Gear Retail Value: $210


Drop in - $50 per session


No matter if you’re a club player or new and want clinics, everyone has the same package options. (I.E. One court is for 18U, another is for 16U, etc.) Players will be split up according to age and/or skill level. Pick the plan that will work closest to the amount of practices you can make. You can make monthly payments as stated below the pricing options. If you use all your credits early you can reorder more. Session credits expire after March 25 2017



Backpack -     $20            Bikini (top and bottom) - $60    
Hat - $20                         Boardshorts - $40
Visor - $20                       T Shirt - $15
Long Sleeve T - $25         Hoodie - $30

Boys - $110 (20% off)
backpack,hat,long sleeve, T Shirt, hoodie, board shorts. Retail $150

Girls - $135 (20% off)  
backpack,Visor,long sleeve, T Shirt, hoodie, bikini top and bottom - $170 retail


  • Rick Reeve, Founder of Beach Elite. BYU. 10+ years beach coach

  • Kevin Jones, Beach Elite Assistant Director, 20+ years beach coach

  • Brice Paxson, Head Coach, 2+ years beach coach

  • Joey Eggers, Beach Elite Assistant Coach (2 seasons)

  • Kassidy Deason, UCI, Beach Elite Assistant Coach, 4+ years beach coach

  • Erik Fogg, Volunteer Assistant Coach, US Navy, lifelong beach player

If interested in trying out email Rick to let him know you’re coming at We will have tryout and registration forms at the tryouts. Or you can email Rick for the forms in advance. To pay for the season, bring a check to tryouts or first practice. 20% non refundable deposit