Winter 2016 Club Season - Official Announcement!

Winter Season 2016

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WINTER SEASON will only last two months (february -March). We will have practice 2 days a week. We will compete in 6 tournaments.

At tryouts we will pair up players to train and compete together. In the rare case that one partner can’t make a tournament the other partner will be paired up with another player at their age and skill level.

At The Try Out
Each age group has 2 tryout sessions. We highly encourage athletes to attend both sessions so that coaches are able to evaluate each athlete more accurately. Some athletes may be specifically asked by a coach to return for the second session for further evaluation. Tryouts are $30

Try Out Dates
GIRLS (16U,14U, 12U)
January 30 12pm and February 6, 12pm

Commitment Deadline is February 6.


PRACTICE SCHEDULE (16 practices)

February: 2,6,9,13,16,20,23,(25? th) *(27-2pm)

March: 1,5,8,12,15,17,(19 at 2pm) 22, *(26 at 2pm), *29

(*Added 3 extra practices in case of canceled practice due to weather)

Location: TBA

Saturday Practices 12pm-2pm

Weekday Practices (Tuesdays) 3:30pm-5:30pm

February 14, 21, 27
March 13,19, 26
Location: Newland and PCH in Huntington Beach

Time: 9am-12pm (pool play) 1pm Playoffs

Cost: $60/team per tournament

*One Beach Elite Coach will be present at all tournaments

$150 uniform/registration fee. (included: backpack, team competition bikini or tank top, practice shirt, shorts) *we are finalizing sponsorships agreements and may have more gear available.
$18/AAU insurance.
$60 tournament registration per team per tournament.
*Sibling discount is 15% for 2nd sibling

A deposit of $150 is required on commitment day.

Come to tryouts and we will have forms there. Or you can email me for the form at

Join AAU. You must join AAU so you are covered by the insurance.  Please join, and email me the AAU membership number.  Here are instructions:

  Go to
  Click on “Join AAU”.
  Click on “Register Now” under “Athletes (Individual).
  Click on “Don’t have an account – Click here to register”.  Or login &   renew
  For sport, select Volleyball and Extended one year membership for       $16.00.

    G.   They'll give you an 8 digit membership number.   Email that 8 digit AAU membership number to


Pay on our website or bring a check to tryouts or first practice.