Tuesday September 10th & 12th (All Ages - 4pm to 6pm(

Saturday September 14th 9:30am-12pm

Magnolia Street at Huntington State Beach

Tryout Fee:

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Questions? Contact Rick at 714 290 3730 or aloharick100@gmailcom

This Fall will be our 5th season with our year round beach program and it has proven to be a great program for youth that want to learn and excel at one of the fastest growing sports in the country! Is your child an indoor club players that is burnt out from the gym? This is a great break from indoor and also proven to elevate their game faster than indoor. Commitment length is only 3 months and we guarentee you child will learn, work hard and have fun with competitive beach volleyball! Fall Season is 3 months long (September -December)

We also have a special package for indoor players to train on the beach before indoor club season begins. Cost is $460 and Practices are Sept 10,12,17,19,24,26 Oct 1,3,8,10,15,1722, 24, 29, 31. Contact Rick at 714 290 3730 to sign up.



SEASONS: Fall: September-December, Winter: January-March, Spring: April-June
As always, we will have up to 3 practices a week and players and parents can pick how often they attend. Click one of the 3 options below to purchase. Here are the 3 pricing packages:

Parents can pick a pricing plan that best fits their commitment level. We ask that players attend the same day(s) throughout the season. Gold is typically for kids who are 100% committed to beach. Silver is if they play indoor. Bronze is if they are involved in multiple sports. We will compete in 3-6 tournaments. We accept players ages 6-18 boys and girls. We have a 10 to 1 player to coach ratio. Players will be split up onto different courts. We have 10 courts. 


SATURDAYS: 9:30AM-12PM (All levels)

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After November 4th practice will be 3:30PM-5PM (daylight savings)

All levels will be Tuesdays and Thursdays after school and optional Saturdays. All practices are at Magnolia Street at Huntington State Beach. 
We have added 3 extra practices in case of cancellations due to weather. No credits are given if you miss a scheduled practice.



Tournament #1 - October 19
Tournament #2 - November 2
Tournament #3 - November 16
Tournament #4 - December 14

Tournaments are located at Magnolia Street at Huntington State Beach. Check in is 8am-8:30am and first serve is 9am and end around 2pm . Gold and Silver members play in Beach Elite tournaments for free (Use promocode BEFREE at checkout). All Teams must register on our website for each tournemnt. Click to register for Fall Tournaments. There all also optional Sunday tournaments at Newland Street. More info to come.


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We encourage players to bring their own partners to tryouts but it isn’t required. If not, at tryouts and the first couple of weeks of practice we will pair up players to train and compete together through the whole season. Partnerships will train with about 4-6 other parnterships at practice. In the rare case that one partner can't make a tournament the other partner will be paired up with another player at their age and skill level. 


Beach Elite November 2016 Tournament

1- Fill out the TRYOUT FORM if you haven’t already
2 - Pick and purchase your practice plan:
Gold (3 practices a week)
Silver (2 practices a week) *most popular
Bronze (1 practices a week)
3 - Make monthly payments by filling out this form


Gold = 3 practices a week Silver=2 practices a week Bronze = 1 practice a week
Gold pick 3 days Silver pick 2 days Bronze pick 1 days
This will be the size we purchase for t shirt, jersey, etc
Sweatshirts are 50% if you sign up by September 12th and while supplies last
By clicking I AGREE at the bottom of this Letter of Intent and with acceptance by Beach Elite, his/her parents and the club are agreeing to the following: 1- The player shall be a member of their assigned team for the duration of the season unless specified by the coaching staff 2- The player cannot sign more than one Commitment Letter with any other clubs for the given season. 3- The player's season shall be defined according to the Beach Elite calendar. 4- The player and parent(s) accept and will abide by the financial obligations set forth I understand that by submitting this form, I am committed to Beach Elite volleyball club for the season selected below and have read all terms and conditions to this document. I fully understand, accept, and agree to be bound by them. (Type in the box below "I AGREE")
By clicking AGREE I agree to abide by these guidelines. These guidelines apply to all athletes and parents/guardians. The purpose of these guidelines is to set a standard for procedures and behavior that all members affiliated with Beach Elite agree to follow. ATHLETE GUIDELINES Conduct myself in a manner to bring credit to myself, my team, and Beach Elite. Budget my time to meet all team responsibilities. Attend every possible practice, tournament, and team function. Be courteous and respectful of all coaches and players. Refrain from using abusive or foul language. Take instruction from club coaches. Refrain from causing bodily harm to self, other players, or club coaches. Refrain from damaging club equipment and supplies. Failure to follow these rules may result in denial of club participation privileges. If I am unable to attend, I will personally notify my coach ahead of time. Be ready for practice 15 minutes early. This includes being dressed and wearing proper gear. Communicate – both on and off the court – with my teammates and coaches for mutual understanding. I will communicate with my coach if I have any questions regarding my team, position, or playing time. Accept all coaching comments and assignments with an open mind and understanding constructive comments are made to aid in my athletic and personal development. I understand that my attitude is also an important part of the game and that I will work hard to have the best attitude I can. Arrive to every practice, tournament, and team function with the mindset that I will perform with maximum effort and intensity to the best of my ability. Clean our tournament areas and practice facilities of all trash. Leave the area as I found it, if not better. I will accept my role on the team and realize that a team is made up of individuals and everyone cannot start. PARENT GUIDELINES I will support my child’s participation in Beach Elite Volleyball Club. We have discussed the risks, commitments, and sacrifices involved in being part of a team. I understand and accept the financial and time obligations of participating with my child’s assigned team. I understand that if my child experiences any issues with his/her teammates or coach, he/she is first responsible to discuss the issue with the coach. If the issue is not resolved, I may request a meeting with the coach. If the issue cannot be resolved, the coach and parent may request a meeting with the director. I will withhold any negative comments directed towards players and coaches. I understand it is the responsibility of the coach is to coach the player. If I need to speak directly with the club director, I will make an appointment via phone/email. I understand the club director will not discuss my child’s playing time or any athlete’s position on the team I grant Beach Elite permission to use pictures, media, videos, etc. of my athlete on their social media pages, website, or any product for presentation purposes. FINANCIAL POLICIES I have reviewed the fee schedule associated with my child’s program and agree to pay all fees in full. I agree to pay the owed fees by or on the dates listed in the schedule. I understand that if I pay with credit card through QuickBooks or credit card via Square, I am responsible for the additional transaction fees. I agree that if I pay via check, I will ensure that the check is received by the due date. I will communicate with the club director if I seek to be included on a revised payment schedule. If I and my player decide to leave because we are unhappy with coaching decisions or the season in general, all fees will become due immediately. Refunds may be awarded in the event the player sustains an injury that removes the player from the remainder of the season. By clicking YES below, parties (parents/guardians & players) that entered into this agreement with Beach Elite Volleyball commit to uphold all policies & procedures as outlined.
Waiver and Release Form Beach Elite Volleyball Club WAIVER & RELEASE OF LIABILITY In consideration of participation with Beach Elite Volleyball Club, known hereafter as“Program”, I (We), the undersigned, recognize, agree and acknowledge as follows: (1) Participation in the Program is voluntary; (2) To the attached Code of Conduct, (3) The participant is in good health, physically able to participate in the program without restrictions and has no medical condition that would or may cause participation to be potentially hazardous to his or her health, (4) Failure to disclose a medical condition could terminate participation; (5) There is a real possibility that participant could be seriously injured while participating in the Program; (6) Participant assumes all risks associated with participation in the Program. Participant acknowledges the inherent and potential dangers of participating and expressly waives and voluntarily assumes all risk of personal injury or death which may be sustained while participating. I (WE) RECOGNIZE THAT REGISTRATION IN THE PROGRAM IS DANGEROUS AND CONTAINS RISK OF PERSONAL INJURY DEATH, DISABILITY, PROPERTY DAMAGE OR LOSS (“DAMAGES”). I ASSUME ANY AND ALL RISKS associated with my or my child’s participation in the Program, including, but not limited to, strenuous physical activity or exertion; striking or being struck, by objects or persons; slipping; and exposure to heat, cold or humidity. Such risk may result in injuries that include, but are not limited to: sprain, strain or tear of muscles or ligaments; fracture or dislocation of joints or bones; head or facial injuries; spinal cord or internal injuries. I know that the risks, hazards and dangers include, but are not limited to, falling, slipping, colliding with other users, staff or spectators. I understand that these risks, hazards and dangers are further increased when other persons, whether or not of the same level of experience, are present at the same time and/or using the same facilities. ALL SUCH RISKS ARE KNOWN AND APPRECIATED By ME. I hereby, for myself, my child, heirs, or anyone who might claim on my or my child’s behalf, agree not to bring any claim, and waive, release and forever discharge Beach Elite Volleyball Club, and all of their officers, agents, and employees from any and all duty to me, my child and/or liability for damages arising out of or in the course of my child’s participation in the Program, including all liability for any active or passive negligence by Beach Elite Volleyball Club and/or their officers, agents and employees. This release and waiver extends to all claims of every kind or nature whatsoever, foreseen or unforeseen, known or unknown. I waive and voluntarily assume all risk of personal injury which may be sustained while participating. The laws of the State of California shall govern this agreement. The undersigned, hereby acknowledged to be lawful parent(s) and/or guardian(s) of the participant, acknowledge(s) my/ our qualifications to sign the Release on behalf of the participant. PHOTO RELEASE I understand that from time to time Program representatives may photograph activities of the club programs and participants. By signing this form, I authorize Beach Elite Volleyball Club to use or publish any photographs taken by the Program showing my participation or my child/children’s to promote the club on the Program’s web site, and/or flyers and other marketing materials.