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The purpose of these clinics is to provide basic fundamental beach volleyball skills along with advanced competitive strategy, including detailed training in the skills of:

-Passing -Setting -Digging-Serving-Blocking-Hitting -Defensive Strategy-Offensive Strategy-organized play 

The clinics serve two purposes:

1)  Teach the game of beach volleyball for those interested in learning and develop their game enough to play in beach competitions.

2)  Because of the nature of two on two beach volleyball, to improve indoor players knowledge of and skill in their all around game.

Coaching and player curriculum developed by seasoned beach coach, RIck Reeve and beach volleyball legend, Casey Patterson. 

For more information or to register for a clinic contact RICK at 714-290-3730 or




August 9th and 11th  2pm – 3:30pm
August 16th and 18th   2pm – 3:30pm
Tewinkle Middle School in Costa Mesa
Free for Tewinkle Students. Only $80 for all others. 

Rick Reeve, Casey Patterson, Joe Polliandro, Brice Paxson