The beach: Where it all started for Beach Elite and this is where you'll find the heart and soul of our volleyball club! We offer year round beach club, clinics, tournaments and private sessions by professionally trained coaches. Our three pillars of success are LEARN. WORK HARD. HAVE FUN! 

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FALL SEASON (September - December)
WINTER SEASON (January - March)
SPRING SEASON (April - June)

WHERE: Magnolia Street at Huntington State Beach.
21601 Pacific Coast Highway, Huntington Beach. 

Non Summer Months: Club practice is Tuesdays and Thursdays after school *4pm-6:30pm, Saturday mornings 9:30am-12pm and Sundays 1pm-3:30pm (seasonal)
*Weekday practice times vary slightly depending on the season. (October 31, 2017-March 11, 2018 Tuesday and Thursday practice is 3:45pm - 5:15pm)
Summer Months: We have daily camps Monday-Friday from morning till dark!

We are always competing! We compete in the following leagues:
January-June (Beach Elite/Relentless Tournament Series, AVPFirst)
June-September (
(Beach Elite/Relentless Tournament Series) 


We welcome both boys and girls (ages 6-18) all levels of ability and experience. We split up players according to skill level as we have advanced, intermediate and beginner courts. 6-8 players per court with 1-2 coaches per court. 

Depending on the court, practices consist of warm ups, basic skills training, advanced skills, offensive and defensive strategy. About 30 minutes of scrimmage and 30 minutes of conditioning at the end of every practice.

For non Summer months, we have 3 pricing plans to fit your budget and your needs. Prices change depending on season. (Bronze, Silver, Gold). See individual season pages for pricing. 



Fall season 2018 (September-december)

FALL SEASON lasts 4 months (September - December). We have practices 2-4 days a week. We compete in 6-8 beach tournaments. Beach Elite members get to play in tournaments for free

beach elite volleyball girls

winter season 2019 (january-march)

Winter Season lasts 3 months (January - March). We have up to 4 practices a week and will compete in 6-14 tournaments. This is for the the "Navy Seals" of beach volleyball that aren't afraid of ocassoinal rain, wind and cold days. They are rare but they can happen this time of year. Our players come out of these much stronger both mentally and physically.  


spring season 2019 (APril-june)

SPRING SEASON lasts 3 months (April -June). We will have practice 2-4 days a week. We will compete in 6-14 tournaments. The sun is up longer so come on out and enjoy it!


summer season 2019 (July-august)

This is when we hit the sand hard! Weekly camps and club practices for almost 3 straight months with sessions Monday-Thursday with an a tournament every Friday. Locations: Huntington Beach and Newport Beach. All camp players get to play in that week's tournament for free. Tournaments are designed as an introduction to teach kids how they are run, how to referee and appropriate sportsmanship. Music, food and prizes are part of every tournament! We make them fun yet competitive. 

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